Cisco Specialists

Businesses of every size and type have begun to realise the value of having a CISCO certified engineer design and maintain their complex network infrastructures.

iWolf’s “Alfa Team” is comprised entirely of Level 3 engineers many of whom are experienced “CISCO Certified Network Associates” (CCNA) and Cisco Certified Design Professionals (CCDP). These credentials validate their ability to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot small to large sized route and switched networks, including security across both LAN and WAN remote site scenarios.

These “TOP GUN” engineers posses the broad skill set and technical expertise required to deploy your mission critical task from End 2 End.

A complete list of the the teams strengths are listed in the table below

CISCO technologies we support include:

• Modems and routers

• Dumb and managed switches

• Access servers

• Storage networks

• Optical networking

• Network management

• Wireless hotspots and access points

• Security platforms and systems

• WebEx online collaboration products

• Telephony, video and unified messaging systems

• Interfaces and modules

Our engineers are also qualified in