Citrix Solutions Experts

Countless companies and organisations around the globe rely and depend on a range of Citrix products and services to run their everyday business processes. Many have experienced issues and problems when first deploying a new Citrix product. Those who have, now realize the importance of having a Citrix certified engineer design and maintain their complex network infrastructures.

iWolf’s “Alfa Team” is comprised exclusively of Level 3 engineers, many of which are experienced “Citrix Certified Enterprise Engineers ” (CCEE), Citrix Certified Integration Architects (CCIA) and “Citrix Certified Administrators” (CCA).

These combined credentials corroborate their ability to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot on all Citrix platforms and products

Today’s economic and technological landscape is causing organizations to move away from the traditional centralized worker model with one office housing all workers to a more decentralized virtual workforce in which workers are globally distributed. This allows your workforce to work from any branch office, a customer’s location or project site, from home, on the road or anywhere else remote. Utilizing today’s technology of smart phones, laptops, tablets and touch pads the virtual workforce still has access from the corporate data center and network.

iWolf’s experienced Citrix Engineers can help you plan, develop and implement the latest Citrix technologies needed to allow your virtual workforce to maintain constant and up-to-date communication.

Organisations having adopted virtual workforce experience a variety of benefits that help the organisation grow and expand faster, prosper more quickly, ensure business continuity and lower costs.

Forward thinking businesses have their employees working from every place imaginable, connecting via all imaginable devices including laptops, smartphones, personal computers and personal tablets.

iWolf Technology Services can deliver a tailored solution to meet your needs.

Citrix solutions plays an integral role through:

  • Virtual work style
  • Enhanced corporate agility
  • Employee engagement and retention
  • Reduction in office overheads
  • Increased productivity
  • Minimization of carbon footprint

Our engineers are also qualified in