Network Security Accredited

Advances in connectivity technology have empowered employees by putting mission-critical company information at their fingertips.

But these same advances also open the door to external threats that compromise the integrity of your network and can lead to industrial sabotage or loss of vital business data.

Without a network security policy a company can suffer significant damage in the form of network down-time, lost productivity and the theft of intellectual property.

Network security consists of the provisions and policies adopted by network administrators to prevent and monitor unauthorised access and misuse of the computer network and its resources.

It takes only one security breach to make you wish that you had taken simple safety measures to protect your network.

iWolf’s certified network security specialists posses the broad skill set and technical expertise required to design, implement and manage your organisations network security systems.

Our technicians conduct regular network security audits for their customers to identify any potential evolving security risks.

Network Security is designed to:

  • Authorized network access (hacking)
  • Development and Implementation of Black & White Lists
  • Network monitoring to detect hackers and unauthorized personnel
  • Regular network audits to identify potential issues
  • Implementation of firewalls / unified threat management systems
  • Development of Proxy systems
  • Exercise physical security precautions to employees
  • Implement physical security management for entry areas / restricted zones ie: CCTV.

Certifications Acquired

Cisco Certified Security Professional (CCSP)

Red Hat Certified Security Specialist (RCSS)

CompTIA Security+

GIAC Security Essentials Certificate (GSEC)

Our engineers are also qualified in