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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems for small to medium size businesses and large corporate enterprises. ERP systems have rapidly become the de facto industry standard for replacement of legacy systems The global ERP applications market is growing at a fast rate and continues to grow due to an increase demand for integrated solutions. Despite the significance of ERP systems the reality is that ERP is a complex structure. The complexity comes from the reality that ERP systems are fabricated to integrate the organisation entirely. i.e inter-organisational as well as intra-organisational, and its business processes in one group.

These days the majority of ERP vendors are changing their strategy and increasingly developing it to make their position strongest with small to medium sized enterprises. Business administrators today need to adapt to evolving market demands. Using Enterprise Resource Planning technologies iWolf’s ERP development team will provide the right tools for your business to excel in today’s market economy and prepare your business for the future. As a system integrator, iWolf Technology Services is not exclusive to a specific vendor. Instead we partner with our customer and spend the time necessary to understand their business and help them choose the right solution from a comprehensive range of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technologies.

Warning, be aware of vendor’ bias and prejudices.

Open Source ERP Systems

ODOO & OpenERP for Small to Large enterprises.

CTP Premium Partner

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OpenPro ERP for Large Corporate Enterprises.

OpenPro Specialists

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OpenMFG ERP for Large Manufacturing Companies.

OpenMFG xTuple Partner

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Compiere the Middle Market ERP for medium sized businesses.

Silver Partner

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ERP5 Middle Market ERP for medium to large sized businesses

ERP5 channel partner

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Manage and process all data in the best way suited to your specific industry. Minimise your Total Cost of ownership. Keep it Low One Time Only build charge. Run it on your local network or On the Cloud. Packages available. Built on Australian Best Practice accounting procedures for your industry. Australian Taxation Office (ATO) Compliancy and acceptance. Totally Scalable. Use only part of the system to begin and grow into the full scale ERP as you requirements grow. Financial reporting Integrated accounting system.

No limitations to size or number or uses. Onsite training Australian Helpdesk Nation Wide Service & Support No reoccurring fees or charges.

Proprietary ERP Systems

Microsoft Dynamics (ERP) for Large enterprises.

MCP Premium Partner

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infor ERP for Medium size Organisations.

infor Solutions Partner

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Oracle Accelerate ERP for Medium to Large Corporate Enterprises.

Oracle Partner

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iWolf ERP systems Facilitate,

  • The analysis of your business processes’s.
  • More efficient ways to do things
  • Improvement to your daily operations.
  • The reduction of resource wasting.
  • Improvement of the Process to Profits ratio for your business.
  • Integrate ERP data management with web based applications to create a powerful ecommerce solution.

Do you need more control over your business?

Re-Design your business to be Artificially Intelligent. Deploy an Intelligent iWolf ERP system that uses existing, customisable functionality of “Enterprise Resource Planning” (ERP) into your business administration console.

Open Source ERP vs. Proprietary

Choosing the right system for your business comes down to more than a series of simple one sentence questions. Obtaining the best system is about choosing the right product and the right support that best fits the business processes and future objectives of the company.

Both open source and proprietary software can fit you needs and do it well but without a detailed list of what your requirements are, all answers to this question are useless. Typically, you’re going to find a myriad of vendors that say they have the system you need and that it will do everything, including achieve world peace to wash the car.

Access to iWolf Help Desk Support

Customers with a prepaid iWolf Support Subscription have access to trained ERP Professionals to resolve your support issues and requests.

Unlimited Support

Based on the SLA you choose unlimited support requests options are available.

Platinum Service Levels

iWolf’s Alfa support team delivers prompt response times to all customer service requests. Subscription holder support requests are serviced as their customer specific SLA directs.

Phone Support

Phone support is reserved for SLA customers only and is available 24/7 to prepaid subscribers within Australia and New Zealand.