Hosted Services (Cloud Services)

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Based on iWolf’s “Hardened Cloud” technology

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Hosted servicing can deliver a combination of IT functions such as file hosting, security and voice hosting to any location over the Internet or other wide area networks. This allows for you to reliably outsource and consolidate most of your IT needs for a predictable monthly fee.


Why deploy an iWolf hosted services solution?

Improved service continuity – Never have to worry about downtime again as iWolf uses the latest technology and a number of redundant systems to make sure your service runs 24/7.

Increased performance – Take the load off your hardware by outsourcing your IT needs. Allowing for increased machine and network performance.

Never replace your server again – Using our infrastructure you will take load off your servers, extending their lives indefinitely.

Software licensing – Never have to worry about purchasing software licenses again as iWolf uses the latest SPLA versions of software for all hosted services we provide.

iWolf Technology Services offers a wide range of hosted services based on Microsoft, Linux and Mac operating systems.

Dedicated, Virtual Private Servers for you “Mission Critical Task”.
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