Sustainable IT Solutions

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ICT sustainability is a major environmental issue, which has the potential to both aid the environment and cash flow, if managed well. There are many ways to address climate change but by far the most efficient means is to reduce the amount of energy consumed and increase the efficiency of the equipment we use.

IT’s use of electricity isn’t the whole story of its impact on the environment, others are outlined in the following strategies.

The basic mantra underpinning sustainability is:


Use less of the product in question.

Go Green
Use what you must use, buy the most environmentally friendly product you can.

Find ways to extend the life of the product and dispose of it with care.


Follow these steps to create a Sustainable IT Environment.

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  1. Conduct an energy audit
  2. Reduce Inventory
  3. Consolidate and Centralise
  4. Curb data centre energy use
  5. Use power saving features on equipment
  6. Reduce other office waste
  7. Consider product life cycles
  8. Implement a sustainable procurement policy
  9. Minimise e-waste


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