Green IT Audits

Step 1: Conduct an energy audit

Back to basics, measure to seek what you manage. IT power is consumed in two areas the office and the data centre. Measuring the power consumption can be done two ways, by monitoring the electricity meter or monitoring the electricity usage of each type of device and then projecting the total over the entire building.

Once you have your data, you can calculate consumption, cost and GHG emissions. This will give you a baseline, which you can measure your progress against. From here you can assess your targets on your chosen metrics according to sustainability strategy.

Steps to create a sustainable IT environment:

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  1. Conduct an energy audit
  2. Reduce Inventory
  3. Consolidate and Centralise
  4. Curb data centre energy use
  5. Use power saving features on equipment
  6. Reduce other office waste
  7. Consider product life cycles
  8. Implement a sustainable procurement policy
  9. Minimise e-waste