IP Surveillance

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IP Surveillance systems are rapidly replacing traditional CCTV systems because of the numerous benefits that networked cameras bring. IP surveillance systems work by using an IP network to record camera data instead of traditional short range broadcast systems, allowing for storage to be onsite, offsite or in a centralised location; ensuring all bases are covered.

IP surveillance systems also offer a number of other advantages over traditional CCTV systems including: price, power, speed, quality and ease of use.

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Why deploy an iWolf IP surveillance system ?

Centralise your security monitoring – Centralizing your security using IP surveillance saves you time and money. Instead of maintaining many sites with individual surveillance footage, use only one site with all the camera data being sent back to that location using IP networks.

Save power and storage – Using the motion tracking system or an event initiation process the surveillance system can be set to not record until motion is detected. Saving power and storage space!

Record audio – Using the microphone equipped with the camera, the surveillance system can also record audio, adding another form of tracking / identification.

Notification of security events – The surveillance system can be set up to send a notification (via SMTP) when a security event has occurred. Keeping you in the loop at all times.

Remote Monitoring – Remotely view, hear and control the surveillance system from anywhere in the world, using the web interface provided.

Motion Tracking w/ pan and tilt – Record a larger area of space using the cameras pan and tilt functions, making sure that nothing is missed!

Night Vision Ability – When the light is low the camera will switch on its infrared lights, making sure surveillance can be carried out 24/7.