Remote Access Services (RAS)

Branch Offices and Remote Users.

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A remote access services (RAS) is any hardware and software combination that enables the access of tools or information that typically resides on an IT network of devices. A RAS connects a client to a host, VIA a remote access server. RAS endpoints can be created by using either computer software or hardware appliances as clients or servers..


Remote access typologies vary depending on the requirements.

Client to server architecture for single user and multi-user “Point to Point “connectivity.
LAN to LAN architecture for Intranet and virtual office applications in “Point to Multi-point” applications.

The most common purpose of this service is to remote control a computer, using another device across the internet or other network connection. Remote Access Services are also used for printing, scanning, data management or to any type service that can be hosted or provisioned across a LAN or WAN..


The most popular and Secure RAS technologies include


Corporate Grade (High Security)

Provider Managed Remote Access Service.

Managed Service.

Proprietary Routers and Firewalls.
Checkpoint, CISCO, Draytek, Fortinet, Juniper Networks, Sonic Wall, and Sophos.

Microsoft VPN Server
Windows server VPN, Active Directory and Advanced Security Policies.
IPSEC, SSL, High Encryption.

Microsoft Terminal Services
Remote Desktop, Client Software.

Citrix Remote Access
Citrix Receiver


Home Office Applications (Low Security)
Apple SharePoint.
VNC Viewer.
Linux RDP.

And much more.