Application Development

Amazing Apps with a Practical Approach.

We build intelligent and attractive apps for Linux, Apple iOS, Android and Microsoft operating systems. Our team of experienced app developers and user interface (Ui/UX) designers will make your app engaging, user friendly and enjoyable to use.

A well designed application is an benefit to any professional.


Superb Application Design and Development.

Utilising  the newest technologies, trends and practices in app development we design and build native apps to enhance the customer experience.

Our mission is to deliver your innovation faster, on budget, on any platform for any device.


iTS Professional Service Guarantee.

Our written service guarantee clearly states that any bugs, faults or problematic issues identified within the first Year from the date of customer handover, will be repaired and/or corrected, Totally Free, by iWolf Technology Services in an efficient and timely manner. 


Your innovation is our passion.

The creative process is a passionate one and it all starts with your idea.

We trial, evaluate and modify to help you perfect your brainchild by achieving maximum results and impact in the shortest possible time.

Value for money and return on your investment (RIO) is our priority. Customer confidentiality and ownership is part of our service guarantee.

iWolf’s app development team will work with you, making sure understand your concept, goals, deadlines and budget.

We offer honest advice while keeping your objectives in clear sight and always in mind.


Your first meeting is Free.

Get to know us from the inside. Your first consultation is totally obligation free. Meet with one of our engineers and tell us about your idea and discuss your feature-set wish list, marketing strategies and lead generation requirements.

Contact us and book for your free consultation today.


Your Success is our Goal.

A successful app will provide powerful, graceful and innovative solutions for your business.

It can enhance and improve how your customers will relate with your business. I can improve the way your staff performs vital internal processes by increasing efficiency and effectiveness while capturing more data and reducing paperwork.

  • Top Selling & Highest Grossing Apps Developed
  • Beautifully Designed Apps
  • Projects Delivered On Time & On Budget
  • We can make your App idea succeed


The creative process.

There are 6 basic steps to creating a successful app.


1)    The Concept

Meet with our development team to discuss your idea, explain your vision and define your goals. Leverage our experience and technical expertise to your advantage and guarantee your success.

The first meeting is absolutely free.


2)    Strategic Planning.

It’s time to “Think Tank” and document the specifics. Painting the big picture and building a roadmap is an essential part of the journey. On the second meeting, we will define a clear and direct path that will take you to your destination and get you real results.


3)    Artwork and Design

An effective app design will attract users to your business. A positive user experience increases customer awareness, involvement and of course income. Our UI developers will combine their skills and experience in marketing psychology to create a “look and feel” that will draw people to your app. However at the end of the day, if you don’t like something, we will make changes before the actual building begins.


4)    Application Development

Depending on your requirements, be it for Linux, Android, Apple iOS or Microsoft our highly skilled development team will develop code specifically for your app requirements. With decades of experience in architecture design, computer engineering, and development languages we are fluent in all aspects of application development and sub-system integration.


Cross platform design is our specialty.

Cross platform compatible applications can often be achieved cost effectively through the use of multi-platform compilers. This means that building just one app that is compatible with all the popular operating systems need not necessarily cost exponentially more.


5)    Product Launch

Once your new app has been fully “stress tested”, trialled by our panel of random peeps and optimised for the best possible end-user experience, it’s time to go live. You have been involved throughout the entire process and as experienced entrepreneurs; we share this moment with you. Our marketing professionals will assist you with a scheduled plan to release your new product into public for maximum exposure to your target market.


Break open the bubbly and “Get Ready” to enjoy your well-earned success.


6)    Analytics

Achieving maximum public impact and meeting user uptake quotas are paramount. Using an analytical platform will give you an overview of the initial and ongoing performance of your app so that you can make smarter business decisions.

Are you meeting your market expectations? It’s never too late to make strategic changes to how you market your app or even how your app works. It’s important to give your adoring public what they want.

  • Are your customers using your app as you hoped?
  • How can you increase their involvement?

Our integrated mobile app analytics provides the necessary tools to measure results and formulate an action plan.


The true Cost of Ownership.

Probably the most common questions we are asked is, How Much will all this Cost?  .

As a rule of thumb, the more complex the app, the more time it will take and consequently the more it will cost. As in human relationships alike, it is often scary to dive head first into financial commitment.


To alleviate the anxiety, a free cost estimate is ball-parked at your first meeting.


Should you decide to engage our services; a detailed roadmap outlining each stage of development will be compiled for your perusal.

This roadmap will become the basis of our legally binding contract and will encompass all aspects of the development project including;


1)    Initial deposit to start the job rolling.

2)    A clear definition of the total feature list to be delivered.

3)    Target dates for the completion of each stage and a breakdown of the features to be completed.

4)    An overview of the software development life-cycle (SDLC) to be implemented.

5)    A summary of the general work flow performed for each stage

6)    Payment instalment plan defining the dollar value payment required at the completion of each stage.

7)    A fixed pricing schedule guarantying your project will never run over budget.

8)    A fixed date for project completion and final customer handover.


You will feel empowered as you become directly involved in the overall development process, stage by stage.


iTS Service Guarantee.

Our platinum service guarantee stipulates that any bugs, faults or problematic issues identified within the first 12 month from the date of handover will be repaired and/or corrected Free by iWolf in a timely manner.