Data Centres on Hardened Cloud

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Hardened Cloud by iWolf Technology Services.

Mirrored Data Centre Locations - Powered to deliver your ultimate mission.


The Yin Yang in redundant proof, high availability Data Networks.

Employ the world’s most trusted cloud platforms.  Connect AWS, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud directly to your people.

  • Queensland, Brisbane City, 4000.
  • Victoria, Port Melbourne, 3207
  • Western Australia, Perth, Malaga, 6090.



Reinforced, bunker style, building enclosures.

Highly secure development and data services

24/7 availability, onsite with CHUBB security escort and remote afterhours access.

Data Centres located on the CBD hospital power grid

UPS filtered power N+1 with option of 2N+1 redundancy

Onsite Generators under managed maintenance support contracts.


Dedicated Cooling Plant rooms

Managed Air Conditioning Systems with integrated N+1 redundancy.

Additional direct-air intakes and exhaust heat management systems to ensure power and infrastructure integrity.



Connectivity via WAIA ( Telstra / Equinix ), Vocus, NextGen, Optus and AAPT with failover hack-haul.

WAIX (IXA) peering and connectivity

Network uplinks to the core switches are a minimum of 10Gbit.

Dell PowerEdge Servers & White-box Servers

Virtualisation, ESXi Server 6.5 and management suites

EMC SAN Data-stores, fibre connected controllers

Connectivity to QV1 and Site P1


High Availability and Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

Live server duplication and data mirroring across three states. Victoria, Queensland & W.A.

Hypervisor  load balancing and live VM duplication.

100% availability and N+1 redundancy, Sustainability.

Tri-State failover and redundancy with auto DNS redirection.

IP (SIP) Telephony backup systems for mission critical communication services.


Data Storage and Management

Data Integrity and verification software, live monitoring.

EMC SAN Data-stores mirrored across 3 states. QLD, Vic, W.A.

Client data backup to SAN, duplicated on twin banks and mirrored across 3 states. Victoria, Queensland & W.A.

VM Snapshots archived to SAN are mirrored across 3 states. Victoria, Queensland & W.A.


Proposed  Platforms and Software Components

Gigabit Pipe, unlimited data and CPanel

Virtual Private Server : 24 Cores, 1 TB SAS, 96Gb RAM.

Windows Server with Active Directory and Security Services.

Remote Desktop, Terminal Server CALs

Sarah Residential System

Real-time database mirroring across duplicate servers, Victoria, Queensland & W.A.

Data backups, mirrored across states.



Remote Access to SAAS Solutions

Secure VPN, L2TP/IPSec, minimum 256 bit encryption, connections from whitelisted IPs only.

Localised RDP connection to Windows Server hosting you SAAS solution.


Information Security

Firewall CISCO Next-gen IPS, real-time contextual reporting.

CISCO Network file trajectory  and Malware remediation systems

CISCO Session Boarder Controllers

Environmental Monitoring System

Laser VESDA (Early Smoke Detection) plus conventional smoke detector technology.

Swipe card access throughout Authorised personnel only.

CCTV Recorded and Live stream security viewing.

Everything is monitored 24/7 via the NOC plus additional security services provided by CHUBB.

Logistics: Located within 1.8km of Police, Security and Fire services.


Warehouse Supplies

Duplicate infrastructure, components and appliances.

Hardware stockpiles.


Datacentre Staff

iWolf’s team of highly trained engineers run and maintain the datacentre.

  • Each site has its own crew dedicated to maintain service continuity 24/7.
  • Every staff member has successfully passed our security and criminal background checks