System Upgrade Service

It is not always necessary to purchase a new computer to meet your processing requirements.
Often simple and upgrades will significantly improve your systems performance saving you many hundreds of dollars.

iWolf maintains a stock of new and used parts suitable to upgrade any computer.

Our engineers are fully trained and certified.

Whether you need more hard drive storage space, more memory to increase speed, a new video card to enhance graphic capacities or the latest operating system for its advanced system features and stability, we offer the best value for money.

In the computer industry “Value for Money” equates to a great price, fast service and a long warranty. We also pickup and deliver free within a 25 kilometre radius of the Sydney CBD.
Each upgrade solution has been tested for compatibility and uses quality brand name components.

For many inexperienced consumers a well-intentioned upgrade has turn into an absolute disaster.

Before you fall victim to the “rouge upgrade scenario” spend a few minutes talking to our technical expert’s obligation free.

We could save you much time, money and grief.