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eCommerce and SEO Services go “Hand in Hand”

SEO and eCommerce are without doubt, interdependent. However the question still remains.

Is one useless without the other?


Optimise your eCommerce Advantage

The cold facts about running an online business.
You can have a perfect website yet seem totally invisible to your target market.
The truth is, you can spend a lot of money on a website without finding a single paying customer.

Was your last online venture a total waste of time, money and effort?
Don’t make the same mistake.


Start Making Money  !

To make money online, it is essential to identify the two primary steps required to make a simple sale.
1) Create a place to present your goods and services.
2) Find a way to channel into your target market.

E-commerce is literally the activity of buying or selling products or services, online or over the Internet.
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of making your business easily found by anyone, anytime, anywhere.

iWolf’s “Ecommerce Development” team is ready to build your mission critical project. Our experienced site developers are proficient with all the popular E-Commerce platforms.

  • Employ our e-business specialists’ to build your online shop, quickly and efficiently.
  • Engage our SEO experts to “Connect You” with your target market.


DIY Option 1.
We provide training and ongoing helpdesk support so that you can take over the daily running and maintenance of your new e-store.

Service Option 2.
Commission our team to provide the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of your new eCommerce website. Concentrate on your core business and above all, Don’t become a Professional e-commerce developer lol.

Search Engine Optimisation
Deploy iWolf’s SEO team and get connected with millions of potential customers, globally.
Be found first and be first in line for new exciting business opportunities.

  • iWolf’s entry level SEO program addresses all 26 points of the “SEO Standard Practices”
  • Our platinum SEO package offers a wealth of add-on marketing strategies to build your brand.

An Ecommerce website builder is a platform that helps you design, build and run an online store.
It is important to choose the right one.

Always choose an E-Commerce site developer that offers strong technical support and even stronger SEO services.
An iWolf site developer will help you choose the best ecommerce site builder platform to meet your specific needs.


Choosing a E-Commerce Website Builder

The best ecommerce solutions will come complete with tools to navigate you through the entire development processes.
Website hosting, site design, product pricing, payment options, marketing tools and marketing reports are just a few of the functions that you will need.

Some facts you will have to consider include;

1) Sales Projections. How much will you sell? If you expect heavy traffic, a platform that provides good online storage, inventory and bandwidth will be your best bet.

2) What level of customisation do you need? Many site builders include ready-to-use templates while others include HTML for the more seasoned web designer.

3) What Payment and shipping options you want to offer your customers? Not all website builders will offer the same features. Look closely at all the tools included and make sure that you have the ability to create discounts, loyalty programs and gift-wrap options, if needed on your website.

4) Always choose an ecommerce site developer that offers good solid technical support.

Storage, Security and Website Design.
When choosing an E-Commerce platform there many aspects to keep in mind. However there are three attributes that are far more critical than the rest.

Storage Space:
Some Ecommerce site builders will cap on your sales, so choose one that offers you the inventory space and bandwidth you require to fit your needs. Some ecommerce providers will charge you more for the extra sales you make. Try to choose am Ecommerce platform that doesn’t set limitations.

Choose a platform that offers protection against fraud and supports Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. It will protect both you and your customers making it possible to send online payments securely. This is a critical requirement on all Ecommerce websites.

Website Design:
Always choose a E-Commerce website provider that has an experienced customer support team.

Never forget the needs of your customers. Menus, filters, and sorting options should be designed to minimize the amount of time it takes to find a product and purchase it.

Always consider the “look and feel” of your website. Professionally-designed page templates that are both pleasing to the eye and clear to understand will improve the customers overall shopping experience..

A cluttered and disorganized ecommerce store will make customers feel frustrated and empty-handed, never to return again. However a well-tailored and streamlined e-store will provide an enjoyable experience that will boost sales and generate repeat business.

Recommended Ecommerce Platforms
Below is iWolf’s shortlist of recommended E-commerce website builders for Australian businesses.



Save with native features
Zero transaction fees
Powerful SEO features

Advanced Ecommerce features for growing brands
• Scalable, all-in-one online store solution
• Beautiful, fast, responsive & Google AMP enabled themes
• 24/7 US-based chat, email & phone support on all plans


Fully customisable
Feature-rich platform

Incredibly intuitive builder is among the best in the industry
• Among the most user-friendly tools of its kind
• New Artificial Design Intelligence creates sites in minutes
• User interface is clean, well-organized, and easy-to-use.



BlueHost + Woocommerce
Supports unlimited products
Mobile-friendly templates
Thousands of extensions available

Easily migrate existing sites from other platforms
• Great choice for a simple, affordable cart solution
• Complete shopping cart solution for online business owners
• WordPress plugins, SEO tools & social media integration



Multi-channel commerce
100+ Ecommerce templates
All-in-one plans

Plans offer automatic backups to keep website files safe
• Facebook Messenger helps sellers & customers connect
• Apple Pay doubles conversion rates when installed
• PCI compliant & SSL for transaction protection



Powerful inventory tools
Unbeatable hosting security
50+ payment gateways

All themes are customisable to fit any business’s needs
• All-in-one solution that is one of the best in the business
• Free themes are elegant & cross-platform compatible
• Powerful SEO tools to optimize URLs and boost site rankings



Award-winning support
Ecommerce marketing tools
Abandoned cart recovery

Build and grow your online store with guidance from pros
• Shipping & tax calculator
• Complete mobile store checkout
• Payment processing in 35+ countries



3D Cart
Built-in Facebook store
Free 15-day trial
24/7 dedicated support team

Top of the line branding and marketing tools
• SEO-freindly shopping cart
• Real-time shipping and tracking
• No coding required



Full compatibility with any website
SEO-friendly URLs
Free store setup

Makes launching a store as simple as adding a YouTube video
• Point-of-sale functionality online and in person
• Language detection available with 45+ options
• Variety of POST payment options and methods