Help Desk Services

The humble computer has become a ubiquitous productivity tool for companies and end users alike. Unfortunately, personal computers have also become increasingly more complex to support and maintain. Increasing complexity has made it difficult and time consuming internal Help Desk teams to effectively address technical problems and user questions.

Most internal help desks are overwhelmed with high staff turnover, insufficient product knowledge, poor process and tracking procedures, and insufficient tools.

A poorly equipped internal Help Desk can result in:

  • Lost user productivity through waiting for help, or even worse, bringing in other users to help.
  • The business loosing time, sales, and revenue.
  • The Help Desk wasting trying to debug situations that they are not trained hence increasing downtime.
  • The CEO being flooded with staff complaints.

iWolf Help Desk

With the iWolf Help Desk you can access our service specialists who will help keep users productive and your systems running smoothly. We answer your software usage questions and solve co-related problems quickly and accurately.

iWolf provides helpdesk support 9-5pm Mon-Fri excluding public holidays, using automatic call distribution (ADC) software. Just call the hotline and extension number supplied, leave a problem description and your customer code and the ADC software will relay a message to the most appropriate technician. You will then receive a call back within the response time stipulated in your service agreement.

iWolf customer service representatives use a knowledge-based support system to access a broad spectrum of technical and customer related information Calls are recorded and tracked through to closure and those that cannot readily be answered are escalated to specialists within our team or to other vendors. On request our Help Desk can provide a report containing the frequency of calls logged from your organisation and the status of the call.

This helpdesk service is available at a casual rate or as part of your service contract.