Network Design and Installation

In your ever-changing IT environment, it’s imperative that you team with a partner who understands leading-edge network solutions and technologies. Let iWolf help you design deploy, integrate and manage your complex multi-vendor network.

Through recognising your business requirements and growth plans, we will design a blueprint for networking your computers and other equipment in your company Careful planning of your business needs before implementation will stream-line the installation process and ensure that the network solution you choose will match your requirements now and in the future.

iWolf will assess your current network requirements and consider how your business will change over time.

Factors assessed include:

  • The number of people who will be using the network.
  • How users will interact with the system including specific file sharing or scheduling applications.
  • The different needs of the various departments in your company.
  • The direction your business is likely to take in the future.
  • Security needs
  • Plans that might alter your network requirements like adding employees, geographic expansion, financial expenditures, facilitating remote access and integration of new applications.

By planning this now we will save you time and money.

iWolf’s design engineers are qualified specialists, proficient in all aspects of Computer Networking. Area’s of Network Expertise.

iWolf has fully trained technical staff, providing a combination of helpdesk, remote and onsite administration services to keep the system running smoothly.