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Online Server Backup and Recovery Services.

iWolf’s “Online Server Backup” offers the most efficient and robust remote backup service available for Microsoft Windows, Linux, Apple OSX, Unix and Solaris platforms VIA the internet. iWolf Data-stores are mirrored across two Storage Area Networks (SAN) located in Victoria and Queensland. Customer data and intellectual property is protected during the backup process through an encrypted IPsec VPN tunnel point to point.


Mirrored images are kept in secret lockup storage facilities located in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. This split location typology minimises the potential risk of data loss due natural disasters and hardware failure. All Data Stores are encrypted and password protected to ensure customer confidentiality.


How it Works

Backing Up Files

Before the first remote back is implemented, a complete copy of the clients data and intellectual property is encrypted, password protected, shipped to our datacentre and transferred to the clients dedicated data-store. The data is then decompresses and unencrypted and tested for integrity. Once completed, the following process will be actioned in accordance the client’s “Service Level Agreement” (SLA).


Step 1. iWolf’s security console schedules an IPsec VPN tunnel to connect to the clients gateway during off-peak hour’s based on your time zone and ISP’s monthly download limitations, providing a cost effective secure mode of connectivity between sites.


Step 2. The client SMB server logs into iWolf’s security console at the primary datacentre and connects directly to their dedicated data-store.


Step 3. The SMB server compresses the data and copies the incremental backup through the encrypted VPN tunnel to the remote data-store.


Step 4.  When the backup is complete the SMB server signals iWolf’s security console and the VPN is shut down.


Managed Data Services (option)

Each morning, certified iWolf technicians with class 2 security clearances, decompress customer data and verify it’s integrity while being video recorded by iWolf’s watchdog system. Once the data has been verified it is mirrored across to the secondary datacentre where the directory tree is replicated.


Restoring Files

Depending of the customers’ requirements there are two restore mode options.

Option 1. Smaller restore tasks are processed remotely VIA the internet and are delivered almost instantly.

Option 2. In an average disaster recovery scenario where a complete data-store needs to be retrieved ASAP, a replacement hard drive containing the encrypted files would be shipped via courier directly to the customer overnight.


Key features and benefits.

  • Incremental and full backups
  • Fully automated backups to cloud data-store
  • Scalable data storage
  • Mirrored data-stores (Sydney – Perth – Brisbane – Melbourne) minimum two states.
  • Rapid recovery
  • Managed data services (optional)
  • Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity Planning (BCP)


Backup Service Options;

1)    Self-managed cloud based data-store. You look after your own data.

2)    Managed Data Backup Service. We do it for you.

Each of these services are available separately or you can combine them depending on your requirements.