Risk Assessment and Disaster Recovery

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IT infrastructures support business processes and deliver a competitive advantage.
If a tragedy halts your computing procedures, business processes would stop and productivity would drop. You could lose your market share or even go out of business.

A sound disaster recovery / business continuity plan is a fundamental responsibility of every organisation and essential in protecting the well being of your company.

This cannot be over emphasised . . .

Yet many enterprises still side step the issue or hold plans which are clearly out of date or inadequate. The primary reason for this is the complexity of the task and the intricacy of the recovery plan.

Some vendors provide planning products which are them selves extremely difficult to master.
Some plans require high levels of expertise to execute and are there for ineffective in and emergency situation. iWolf however, will create a simplified but effective disaster recovery plan.


An iWolf Impact and risk analysis will:

  1. Evaluate your existing arrangements and plans.
  2. Formulate your custom “Fail Safe” and “Fool Proof” disaster recovery program.
  3. Deploy and implement optional disaster tolerant damage control systems.
  4. Provide an easy to follow “Disaster Recovery” template to guide you safely and quickly through any catastrophic event.

View our recovery program essentials here.


iWolf’s Disaster Recovery Services

iWolf covers all areas and aspects of risk management and damage control regardless of the cause. Natural or Technological.

Our highly trained and qualified disaster recovery team is available 24/7 within 1 hours notice. This service is available to subscribers only.