Software Installation and Support

Many company’s have their preferred user interface that is standard across all their computers, particularly in a network environment. This will generally encompass a standard suite of software, specific user and/or supervisor passwords, standard IRQ settings, BIOS configuration and so on.

It is usually the responsibility of the information technology staff within a company to install the necessary software once the computer has been delivered and before it reaches the desk of the user. Depending on the complexity of the installation, this can be a time-consuming task.

Taking advantage of our unique order customisation at iWolf we can incorporate your company’s specific software installation into the assembly process.

This facility is called ‘Ghost’ and involves installing your required configuration in a secure location of our production file server so that we may duplicate it as required on all new systems ordered by your organisation.

The end result is computers ready for delivery straight to the user’s desk.

Incorporate this service with our asset tagging process or our Rapid Start training and you can begin to see how iWolf Corporate Services an provide a valuable extension to your in-house IT resources.