Wireless Hotspot Solutions

iWolfs wireless internet solutions enable your business to gain additional income by selling a reliable, fast and efficient wireless internet connection to your customers. Our connection is secured using the core network authentication protocols, ensuring user safety and includes many management features such as credit card billing, general accounting and website filtering.


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iWolf IAC

Internet Access Controllers
Wireless Hotspot Kit 1
Wireless Hotspot Kit 2

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AG1100 Thermal Printer
HS1100N Wireless Hotspot
HS110N & AG1100 Bundle

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N4100/VSG-1200 V2 Hotspot & Printer

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Access Points

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Why deploy an iWolf wireless Internet solution?


Accounting System
This innovative product comes with a built-in accounting and billing system that allows you to sell wireless Internet access in blocks of minutes, hours or days. Paid access time, billing and other user information are recorded on a receipt, printed from a simple three-button printer designed to ensure fast and efficient processing of sales.


Popup Advertising
This solution also allows you to design your own advertisements and have them appear as pop-ups on your customer’s screen (as long as they do not have pop-ups disabled on their web browser).


Returns on Investment
To give you an idea of your expected returns most internet café’s charge between $4.00 $9.00 per hour per customer for casual internet access.
This would be a valuable asset to your business and significantly increase your income.


Pass-through privileges for office computers
Allow authorized office computers on the network to join without payment. Resource sharing for business conferences.


Website filtering
Keep the obscene websites from the scene of your business with the website filtering function.


Cash or credit card billing Remote administration
Remotely log in to manage your Internet connection, no matter where you are in the world.


DHCP server
Using DHCP clients will automatically be assigned a network address and will be able to communicate with other machines.


VPN pass-through
VPN pass-through enables your clients to connect to a VPN (a remote network) of their choice.


NAT firewall
Using NAT one internet connection can be shared between many computers.


Built in authentication
Using wireless authentication protocols ensures that only those computers allowed to join can connect to the network, keeping other machines on the network safe.