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IT Service and Support

We offer a complete range of IT Services and Support Nation Wide. You can call our helpdesk during business hours or subscribe to one of our 24/7 support packages. Once registered with our helpdesk as valued client you will recieve access to our online portal and Whatsapp help group to assist you logging tickets and recieving priority assistance. Buy blocks of prepaid support hours at a discounted rate or pay ad hoc. For jobs large and small iWolf is here to support all your technical issues.

System Virtualisation

is a win/win solution for both business and the global environment. By consolidating technology infrastructures, service continuity is maximized, hardware costs are reduced, power consumption is decreased, less physical space is and the consequent carbon footprint is minimized.

Hosted Services

allow end users to consolidate and outsource their IT requirements for a predictable monthly fee. Combined with the option to rent software applications rather than purchase means that server and software upgrade expenses can be avoided indefinitely.

ITIL Based Processes

As specialists in traditional and sustainable ICT solutions, iWolf’s entire service portfolio is based around ITIL concepts, policies and procedures for managing system development and operations. This framework and methodology embraces business continuity and objectives essential in running a successful business. ITIL is your “best bet” service guarantee.

Process Control & Factory Automation

has been the driving force of the production industry since the 1830s. Today iWolf’s comprehensive automation portfolio of custom solutions and boxed products can boost production, optimise the use of raw materials, enhance quality control, improve safety conditions, minimise staff and reduce carbon emissions.

Hot Sites, Cold Sites and Disaster Recovery

It is often said, anything that can go wrong will go wrong (Murphy’s Law). So why do many sit and ignore the inevitable? Countless organisations have been tragically unprepared when the unexpected happens. A disaster can cause a complete loss of revenue, customer trust, Vital data, Intellectual property, critical software and overall business continuity. While there are many effective solutions in iWolf’s recovery portfolio our Hot Site facilities are the ultimate in business continuity planning.

Computer Rooms & Facilities

The importance of supporting network infrastructures are often under estimated or over looked. Outside a suitable operating environment, most hardware components are destined for the junk yard long before their expected use by date. Likewise, without the correct data transfer medium network performance and system productivity will be greatly reduced.

Custom Solutions

Achieving a competitive advantage in the “dog eat dog” world of big business isn’t always possible using “off the shelf” products and solutions. In order to streamline a business process, one must often break free from conventional thinking. A custom built solution can provide the system functionality necessary to achieve your goals.

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ICT Sustainability

Whilst there are many facets to climate change and sustainability practices arguably the most relevant to ICT is power consumption and management. Other important aspects include hardware inventory, product lifecycle, resource consumption, substance toxicity, production/distribution methods and waste disposal. Depending on the requirements, there is range of practical solutions for each facet of ICT sustainability.

Telephony Systems

incorporate the familiar and user friendly aspects of traditional telephone systems with the advanced technology of an existing network infrastructure. This solution provides a cost saving, feature rich alternative that streamlines the communications process.

Surveillance Systems

are the key to personal safety and assets protection. IP surveillance systems can be integrated with any existing LAN or home network to create a high security zone. Audio and visual monitoring is accessible through the remote console from anywhere in the world, 24/7. Acquire hard legal evidence that leads to conviction in a realm where nothing goes unseen.

Renewable Energy and Heuristic Power Management

Recent scientific break throughs in power production, storage and management have paved the way for a new generation of renewable energy solutions. Now more efficient and cost effective there is a suite of products suitable for small domestic and large industrial applications. Hybrid systems built from 2 or more energy solutions create a reliable and continual power source. Through making informed intelligent choices we can save money, secure our futures and save the planet.

Wireless Hotspots and Access Controllers

employ core network processes such as user authentication and dataflow management and combines them with additional features. EG credit card billing, accounting, popup advertising, web filtering, walled garden, resource sharing, remote admin and pass-through privileges. iWolf’s Internet Access Solutions enable any business to generate extra revenue.

Data Recovery Services

Virtually everyone, at least once in their life, has accidentally deleted the wrong file, fallen victim to a virus or experienced a crash resulting in the loss of important data. Fortunately it’s almost never to late to salvage missing files from almost any kind of media. Hard drives, floppies, Jaz, Zip, CDs, DVDs, memory sticks, IPods and tape cartridges can be salvaged. Even if it’s been smashed or burned.

Website Design, Ecommerce Solutions & SEO

With the internet playing a pivotal role in world wide marketing strategies and resource delivery, every business needs to have their own homepage linking them to the wider community. A well designed website is critical in presenting your products and services, in the most impressive, informative and trouble free way. Keep instep with the multitude of high-tech ecommerce solutions available today.

Customer Training

In the hands of an inexperienced user the most advanced and powerful technologies are weak and ineffective. Fortunately acquiring expertise has never been more accommodating and convenient. With a broad choice of seminars, webinars, classes and tutorials available onsite, in-house, online or with a 1 on 1 tutor, there is no longer a reason for not reaching your full potential.


NEW! ICT Green Audit

Find out where you stand on Green House Gas (GHG) fundamentals with our free audit. Scope the big picture with our comprehensive ICT sustainability “reality check”. Save money, work towards carbon neutrality, enhance your business and help save the planet.


Energy Storage Systems

Li Ion and LifePo4 Battery Systems for Comercial and Resedential applications. High capacity custom builds for  Electric Vehicles, EV Cars, Motorcycles, Boats and Drones, Domestic and commercial power-wall solutions, Critical backup applications and Solar Lighting Systems.

24/7 Technical Support

In many mission critical sectors such as medicine, security and manufacturing it is imperative to maintain service continuity 24/7, 365 days a year. To successfully cover this extended time cycle a minimum of 6 senior technicians would be required. If you multiply the average tech’s wage by 6 and add loadings for the late shift and public holidays it is easy to see just how expensive support can be. However there is a way to dramatically reduce this overhead by outsourcing a mix of online, phone and onsite support strategies.

IP Telephone Systems and Starter Kits

Full PBX functionality pre-configured. 1 x receptionist phone, 2 x standard phones, Expand to 80 extensions. 2 Year Warranty, 12 months FREE support.